April 25, 2018 Hangry

Support Videos

When using the Hangry dashboard, we want to ensure you have easily accessible support whenever you have a question or concern. All our support videos are available on the dashboard in just a few simple clicks. Get tutorials right away, at any time.

Although each account has a dedicated success coach, our system is designed to be rather user friendly. Success coaches are always available for questions or concerns. However, referring to the support section is the quickest and easiest way to get immediate assistance. We add new videos any time there’s a new feature, and older videos also get updated. We’re always open to recommendations on how to improve our support section. Let us know if there are any questions or concerns that our support section doesn’t address.


  1. Click Support on the left toolbar.
  2. You will see a list of all support videos.
  3. Looking for something specific? Simply type in a keyword in the search bar, and all videos related to that keyword will appear.


Hangry provides campuses with a cross-functional, branded mobile app that includes modules for: food ordering, dietary filtering, nutrition tracking, campus-wide loyalty & rewards, rich-push marketing, announcements, surveys, and feedback. Built by us, driven by you, trusted by your users.

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Hangry has been acquired by Transact Campus! Please see the Official Press Release