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Top Education Apps on Campus

With smartphones being promoted to the official ‘best friend’ of almost all students on campus, it’s time you learn all the ways your best friend can not only help you with your social life, but your academic life as well. Here are the top educational apps for students on campus:


Gone are the days of having over 1000 emails in your inbox. When did I send that file? Which email was that photo in? No more creating group chats on Facebook, and then sending the link to a google doc. Slack gives everyone a transparent view of all that’s going on. With Slack, teams, groups and even small companies are able to organization conversations into channels. Channels can be created for projects, topics, research—the options are endless. As the Top App for team communication, Slack also provides personal messaging, calls within channels, and customization. Group work is essentially isolated to one program, giving you all the tools you need in one place.


School work, tuition bills, and exams can get real depressing, real quick. TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a non-profit that provides all the motivation and inspiration you need during your darkest studying times. The app gives you access to videos and audio to the most inspiring and educational presentations in the world, by the most captivating people. Through this free app, you can watch endless presentations about education topics, how to motivate yourself, how to stay positive, and more.

Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner is a free app (4.99 for more capabilities) that essentially turns your smartphone into a portable scanner. With over 100 million users worldwide, Cam Scanner simply lets you take a photo of a page you wish to digitize, and then provides you with the ability to convert to PDF/JPEG, store, and even print or fax. This app also allows you to customize your pages using smart cropping and auto-enhancing to gain the desired look. Once the document is ready, it can be shared through all social platforms, sent as email attachment, or printed.


Rescue Time

Find yourself studying for ten minutes, and then scrolling through social media for 45 minutes? RescueTime will tell you how much time you’re losing to online distractions. Available for both smartphone and desktop, Rescuetime will track all your time spent on social media, email, websites and then tracks all your top distracters. Through this app, you can create study goals and then Rescue time will notify you when you’ve spent too much time away from studying.


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