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Build your own meals at Harvard

Harvard University has added a new ‘build-you-own’ feature for menu items this semester. As a part of their dining revamp, Students are now able to build their own meals based on rotating menu themes. Examples include ancient grain bowl Fridays, and street taco Mondays. Themes include pre-prepped ingredients which are then used to create the dishes. Additionally, Harvard is now offering a banana split bar and even introduced a blended burger patty which is half beef and half vegetables.

To learn more about the Harvard dining revamp, click here.

Eliminating food waste at Amherst College

What used to be a DIY smoothie bar, is now a full-service version of the station at Amherst College. This switch was made in order to limit food waste and ultimately increase food safety. Although the smoothie bar seems like a very intriguing option for any college, the process has proven to cause more bad than good. Students would load too much into the blenders leading to large amounts in food loss. With the new full-service version, the school is hoping to see less line-ups and reduce the chance of allergic reactions with cross-contamination of ingredients. Read the full story via

Going green for 25 years at Bates College

Bates College officially has one of the longest running farm-to-college programs, and was the first college to ever join the green restaurant association. In addition, Bates College is a part of a small, elite group of colleges who have earned a three-star GRA rating. Bates currently spends 22 percent of its food budget on locally sourced products which includes ground beef. As if it couldn’t get any better, over 8 percent of unconsumed goods at Bates is diverted from the waste stream. Instead, it ends up being either composted, recycled or sent to local farmer and/or food bank. (they’ve also removed all paper from the dining room) Go Bates! To learn more, click here.

Talented students for dining at Sullivan University

Finally, Sullivan University offers a prestigious culinary school, which allows talented students access to the dining program. With the addition of students into the kitchen, Sullivan University has seen an overwhelming amount of pleased customers. The dining program at Sullivan consist of about 1,700 graduates, and revolves around the Gardiner Residential dining hall. Students at this residence are fed with locally produced ingredients. This also includes vegetables from the schools very own garden. Additionally, Kristina Addington, a former student at Sullivan University’s National Center for Hospitality Studies (NCHS), won the grand prize on the Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen.


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