In depth videos guides and tutorials for campuses on how to get the most out of your custom-branded mobile commerce & rewards solution.

13 Apr 2020

Create Combos

We've recently released a new feature, allowing clients to create combos within the menus for their mobile app. To learn…

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01 Aug 2019

Scheduled Orders

Enabling scheduled orders is a new feature we recently added to our platform. Scheduled orders are a great option for…

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13 Jun 2018

Contest Statuses

Contest statuses can be changed at anytime. The available statuses for a contest include: hidden, visible, ready to draw, drawn,…

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29 May 2018

Busy Thresholds

Auto busy thresholds represent the number of orders that will automatically put the restaurant into busy mode. For example, let's say you…

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24 May 2018


Today, we will discuss linking via the dashboard. The menu building process can get very repetitive, especially when every item…

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18 May 2018

Menu Sections

Today, we will look at how to hide/delete menu sections. Restaurant menus are constantly changing, so you need the ability…

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17 May 2018

Menu Categories

Think of menu categories like the pages of a restaurant menu. These are the pages that your users will flip through…

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15 May 2018


Modifiers are essentially a breakdown of menu options. For example, if bread is an option, then the modifiers would be…

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25 Apr 2018

Support Videos

When using the Hangry dashboard, we want to ensure you have easily accessible support whenever you have a question or…

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24 Apr 2018

Team Members

The ability to add new team members allows you grant access to any new individual you would like using the…

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19 Apr 2018

New Contest Image

You can't create a new contest image without having available contest images to choose from. This simple tutorial will quickly…

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13 Apr 2018

Order Explorer

The order explorer is key to a successful mobile ordering operation, because it allows you to access any order that…

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