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Benefits of a Unified Mobile App On Campus

It’s no surprise that we’re big fans of mobile apps on campus here at Hangry. Although we’ve believed our mobile app is an amazing addition to any campus for a long time, that’s become especially evident during COVID-19.

Social Distancing, Naturally

One of the benefits of mobile apps on campus is the natural support of social distancing. When incorporating a mobile solution for food service, it can solve a lot of problems. One of these would be limiting the number of people touching food items. Instead of having people pack their own meals, mobile can help by accepting orders and having staff put them together. With this you can either maintain the wide variety, or offer boxed meals instead. Either way, user’s would be picking up their packaged meals instead of touching anything in the food service location themselves.

Lately, we’ve continued to allow fo customization so campuses can utilize the app in new ways. For example, we have time slot booking and check-in / check-out options. With these, campuses can limit the number of people at any one dining location. This is useful for residential dining, but there are many other use cases with our new features.

All In One Mobile App

Other than social distancing, there’s a major benefit to having all campus information in one place. We’ve allowed for custom links and deep linking within our app. That way, if you have information that’s important from a website, you can include the link in your campus app. We can also link out to other resources; it’s all customizable. Aside from linking out, you’re also able to utilize the app inbox. This is an incredibly useful tool when trying to get any messages out to your campus. Some people may not check their school emails, and would be more likely to notice an app push message on their phone. Having access to the majority of your campus population at their fingertips is a massive benefit.

Head to our blog section to read more about how we’re working to help campuses navigate this challenging time. If you have questions or think we may be a good fit on your campus, get in touch.

In the meantime, stay safe + stay healthy.

Hangry provides campuses with a cross-functional, branded mobile app that includes modules for: food ordering, dietary filtering, nutrition tracking, campus-wide loyalty & rewards, rich-push marketing, announcements, surveys, and feedback. Built by us, driven by you, trusted by your users.

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