October 5, 2018 Hangry

How to: Update Item Statuses [Merchant Tablet]

The ability to turn menu items and ingredients ON/OFF is essential to the mobile ordering process. Through this feature, you are able to immediately turn an item off if you’ve run out, and turn if back on if you’ve restocked. Updating any menu statuses from the merchant tablet will immediately update on the mobile app in real-time.


  1. Click Your Desired Restaurant Location on the left side of the tablet.
  2. Click Item Statuses in the bottom right box.
  3. Click your Desired Menu Item.
  4. Once you’ve found the menu item or ingredient, switch the toggle from ON to OFF or vice versa.

Once this is completed, refresh the home screen on your mobile device and click on the restaurant. Scroll down to the menu item and you will see your menu item has been greyed out if it was turned off, or back to clickable if it was turned back on. It’s important to remember to always turn items BACK ON when you’ve restocked them.


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