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Update Orders Per Minute

The ability to update orders per minute gives you the control to determine how many orders per minute are allowed for both normal and busy mode. This feature will ensure orders are spread out so that staff are not overwhelmed. Another great thing about this feature is that it can be adjusted based on how your kitchen performs. If the location serves quick items like slices of pizza or ‘grab and go’, then you can increase orders per minute to keep things moving. Conversely, if you have a location that serves time-consuming menu items like custom salads, then you can decrease orders per minute to ensure the kitchen doesn’t get piled up.



  1. Click Operations on the left toolbar.
  2. Click Order Flow at the top of the screen.
  3. Select your desired Restaurant Location.
  4. In the middle, head to Update Orders Per minute. Enter the number of orders you’d like per minute for that restaurant location.

Example: Orders = 1 will ensure a max of 1 mobile order per minute.

The algorithm will find the next available “slot” that is after the estimated prep time. For example, (assuming 1 order per minute) let’s say the prep time calculates is 10 minutes. If there are already orders for the next 15 minutes, then the estimated time will actually be 16 minutes. The system needs to find the next available slot.



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