June 25, 2018 Hangry

Upsell by Adding Bonus Points to Menu Items

How often do you find an upsell actually works? ‘Would you like to up your drink size today?’ or ‘Would you like to order the large for an extra X amount today?‘ With student’s busy schedules and hovering debt, they often just want to order their food and move on to their next class with the least hassle possible.

As a student I remember not even listening to the questions the cashier was asking me because I was so concerned I wasn’t going to make it across campus in time to make my lecture.

Drive Behaviour

With Hangry’s mobile ordering platform, you can apply bonus points to menu items in order to influence and drive behaviour. This feature allows your users to earn extra points every time they order a specific item. Once they’ve earned these extra points, they can then be redeemed for prizes in the mobile rewards store. There are many different ways that you can use this feature to your advantage. For example, you can apply bonus points to new menu items that you really want your users to try. You can even add a ton of bonus points on menu items that haven’t been succeeding or need a little extra love.


Hangry’s dashboard also allows you to apply points to different sizes of items. Therefore, you can apply points to a large drink instead of a small, or a foot-long sub instead of a six inch. You can apply extra bonus points to additions like extra bacon, double meat, or ‘extra veggies’. By enticing students with extra points, you can encourage them to make meal decisions they otherwise might pass on in the physical line.

The great part of the Hangry dashboard is how flexible you can be with points. Extra bonus points can be added/deleted/updated at any time, and can be applied to virtually any menu item/option/modifier on the app. This allows you to set-up weekly or monthly marketing plans, track behaviour, and find patterns. In addition, the extra bonus points are going significantly improve the overall ordering experience. You are providing incentive to your users, driving traffic to their app, and rewarding them for ordering at your dining locations.

To learn how easy it is to apply extra bonus points to menu items, take a look at our dashboard tutorial:

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