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Use Promo Codes as a Marketing Tool

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Hangry’s Mobile solution provides you and your users with the ability to use three types of promo codes. They include:

  • Bonus Promos
  • Checkout Promos
  • Sign-Up/Referral Promos


All three are codes that you, as the campus, can create and your users can redeem. Often times people assume promo codes are a way to give back to your users, or thank them for their app usage– and they are! However, people forget what a strong tool promo codes are for overall marketing of your app. Today we’re breaking down the three types of codes Hangry offers, and how they can benefit your marketing strategy.

Bonus Promos & Increasing App Usage 

Bonus Promos are codes that can be applied anywhere in the app, which means they are not dependent on making a mobile order. These bonus promos can be entered for extra points/credit. They can be used as a reward for opening a message, or even for making an in-store purchase. The great thing about a bonus promo is that it doesn’t encourage your users to make a mobile order. Instead, it encourages them to explore your app. Therefore, if you want your users trying new functions you’ve added to your app, or just want to increase app usage in general, then bonus promos are a great way to get users on your app and keep them there.

Checkout Promos & Driving Campus Behaviour

Checkout promos are codes that users can enter only on the checkout screen. They are only applied when placing an order. These promos can have limits on the total number of times they can be used by a specific user. They can also be entered for bonus points or dollars off an order.  In addition, checkout promos are a great way to encourage students to try new dining locations or menu items. For example, if you’d like students ordering more from a certain dining location, you can send them a push message letting them know they’ll receive a code for their next order if they order from that specific restaurant today. Lastly, checkout promos are simply going to increase mobile orders. If a user can earn points or earn credit using your app, they are more likely to make a mobile order than an in-person order.

Referral Codes & Word of Mouth Marketing

Sign-up or referral codes are promos that users receive when first joining the app, or when referring a friend to the app. Users can only ever apply one sign-up or referral code, but there is no limit on how many users can use the code. Sign-up codes and user referrals provide insight as to how the new user joined the app: were they referred by John Smith or did they see a poster in the Student Center with a Sign-up Code? For GEN Z and millennial students, word of mouth is the strongest marketing tool you can have. That is why referral codes are so important when launching your mobile app.

By providing an incentive for sharing your mobile app with others, you can optimize your marketing tools and guarantee a successful launch. Lastly, referral codes are going to get your students to your app, which is your main priority during a launch. It doesn’t matter how good your product is, if students don’t know it exists then you won’t see success.


Want to learn more about promo codes and how you can create them yourself from the Hangry dashboard? Check out our many promo code tutorial videos here.

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