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User Explorer – A List of Capabilities

A Master List & Search Capabilities

The user explorer provides a full list of anyone who has ever registered with your app. This list can be sorted by name, user ID, email etc. A search bar is provided if you are looking for someone specific. The user explorer can be used to detect patterns, acquire metrics, and can be exported to CSV at any time. If a mobile user is having a problem with their account, or has contacted support with an issue, you can use the user explorer to easily access their account information and find/fix the problem. In addition, even if the user isn’t currently using your app, their information can still be accessed as the list includes anyone who has ever registered.

A Detailed Look at all Individual Account Information

Once you’ve found a specific user, you can click on their profile to view all their account details. In this section you can view how many points and credit they’ve earned, device information, and order details. With this information readily available, you can make informed decisions based on each user. For example, a user might contact support saying a certain function isn’t working on their app. You can use the account details tab to view their device information to check if they have the latest software update. In addition, the loyalty section of user details can help you determine how they’re interacting with the app.

Full Control Over Fraudulent or Suspicious Behavior

With mobile ordering always comes the possibility of users partaking in fraudulent behavior. This could include using a fake credit card, referring too many people, or creating multiple accounts to earn more points. While Hangry’s Solution has taken measures to avoid this kind of behavior, you always want to be ready for the possibility. With the user explorer, you can detect this kind of behaviour and stop it right in its tracks. When you click on any profile, the Hangry dashboard gives you the ability to delete or disable a user. If you’re investigating a certain user, you can disable their account until you’ve solved the problem. If you no longer want that particular user on your app, then you also have the ability to delete that account. These features are set in place so fraudulent or suspicious behaviour can be spotted and handled immediately.

Full Control Over App Points and Credit

With the User Explorer, you can select any profile and add any amount of points or credit to their account. The first use for this is compensation for app problems. For example, a user might have a bad order experience and contact support about it. In this event, you can access the user’s profile and add credit or points to their account as a thank you for their patience. In addition, you can use this feature to set up contests or games within the app, and reward the winners accordingly through this function. The ability to add credit and points is also a great way to reward employees who are also using your mobile app.

Want to learn more about the User Explorer? Watch our in-depth tutorial on how to use it and how it can benefit you:

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