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So You’re Exploring Mobile Ordering Options…

The bandwagon has come, and you’ve decided to hop on. What was once an avoidable topic, is now a world-wide phenomenon that cannot be ignored—mobile ordering. If you ignore it you’ll fall behind, but if you choose to embrace it you need to make sure you are choosing the best option for you. So the question becomes, what features and elements do you need to consider when implementing mobile ordering? There are plenty of mobile ordering options to consider; below we’ll break down a few.


Base license free vs. Transaction Free

When implementing mobile ordering, your best bet is a base license fee. Transaction fees are not ideal because generally students don’t enjoy being nickel and dimed, and are already paying large amounts as it is to be on campus. In addition, small extra costs are actually extremely unattractive during the ordering process, and ultimately outweighs the convenience of using an ordering feature—even if the order is practically completed. Even with a strong on-campus marketing plan, usage will be hindered significantly with extra charges. Lastly, transaction fees cut into your margins. If a school does a lot in sales, this becomes very appealing to mobile ordering companies because the more orders that go in, the more money a transactional model company will make; but that cuts into the school’s revenue.

Additionally, a company that does transactions is competing with something like a grub hub or a skip the dishes, where they view the end customer as their client; because in the end the more users there are, the more orders go in and the more money they make. This means that they would be interested in partnering with off campus restaurants just as much, if not more, than with the campus only – since they make more money by taking a cut from the restaurant; which in turn leads to more money being funnelled off campus and depletes the school’s margins even more.



Campus menus are always changing, and lines are always full and busy. When considering a mobile ordering app, you want to ensure it can adapt to on-the-fly changes and adjustments. For example; if subway runs out of Italian bread, you’ll want to remove that option from the mobile app as soon as possible so students don’t try to order it. With Hangry’s mobile ordering platform, staff members can easily turn menus off and on, and adjust menus at any time.

Nutrition and Dietary Filtering

Mobile ordering is one thing, but keeping students informed of their eating choices is another. As healthy eating trends continue to grow in popularity, you want to ensure your mobile app provides all nutritional information, and provides students with the ability to filter through meal choices. For example, if a student is a vegetarian you want to ensure they can filter the menu to their specific needs. This goes the same way for allergy concerns and other dietary preferences. In addition, students should have real-time access to all nutritional information regarding their meals, including calories.

Customer Support

This is essential when it comes to mobile ordering. Students are serious about their food, and they are serious about their money. If anything goes wrong during the ordering process, you want to ensure customer support is available and quick with solutions. In addition, customer support should be provided to the campus as well. Implementing mobile ordering may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. For example, Hangry’s mobile enterprise provides each campus with a dedicated Success Coach that is with them every step of the way. Hangry’s success coaches are there for back-end support, training, and even marketing to ensure your mobile ordering launch is a success.


Loyalty and Rewards

This is your bread and butter of mobile ordering. With a loyalty and rewards program, you are providing students with incentive to use your app and creating a relationship with the user. Any large franchise company provides loyalty with their mobile ordering platform. Tim Hortons rewards every 3rd cup free with mobile ordering, Starbucks provides free drink refills, discounts and drink rewards, and even companies like amazon provide loyalty through free shipping and special price offerings with prime. By providing points and rewards to your students, you will increase app usage, bring more students to your app and can even use the program as a vehicle for marketing.

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