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Add Options to Menu Items

Let’s take a look at how to add options to menu items. You can’t order a menu item without options. With Hangry’s mobile ordering, options are the categories used to break down your modifiers. Examples include size, bread type, cheese type etc. It’s important to remember that options are just the categories. For example, when adding an option on the dashboard you are adding a size option or cheese option. But these are essentially the headlines for your modifiers and you can’t add a modification unless you first add options. To learn how to add modifiers, click here.

Breakdown using examples:

Option: Size 
Modifiers: Small, Medium, Large

Option: Cheese
Modifiers: Cheddar, Swiss, American


  1. Click Menus on the left toolbar.
  2. Click Options at the top of the screen.
  3. Select your desired Restaurant Location and Menu Item.
  4. To add an option, move to the section to the left and enter the Option Name and all other necessary information.

Required/Optional: This determines whether the option is required or not. If we use the example of a beverage, you can’t order a drink unless you choose a size. Therefore, you would select Required.

Pick Only One/Select Many: This determines how many modifications you are allowed to select for one order. In the case of a beverage, your drink can’t be both a small and large at the same time. Therefore, you would select Pick Only One.


Minimum and Maximum #: This determines how many modifications you can choose. If Subway only allows you to have a maximum of 2 types of cheese on your sub, but you also have the option to have NO cheese, then you would make the minimum 0 and the maximum 2.

# of Free/Price After Free: Often times most modifications will be free of charge, but some will require additional charges. In this case, if your first 5 modifications are free then you would set the # of Free to 5 and then add the additional charge price for all other modifications to Price After Free.



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