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Assign Roles to Team Members

If you are an administrator on the Hangry Dashboard, then you have the ability to assign roles to the rest of your team members. This means that you are able to set unique permissions for different members of your team.

For example: if you have a team member who handles all the marketing, then you’d want them to have access to loyalty & messages. However, you probably wouldn’t need them to have access to operations or accounting. In the same way, you could have a restaurant manager that you’d like to have access to operations so they can update hours of operation, turn off menu items, etc. However, the restaurant manager wouldn’t need access to any other pages so set their permissions to just operations and not any other pages. It’s important to note that you cannot assign roles unless you are an Administrator.


  1. Click Team on the left toolbar.
  2. Click on Assign Roles at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the member you’d like to assign a role to.
  4. Move over to the section to the right and select their permissions.
  5. Click Save.

You can assign multiple roles to members, but the role of Administrator gives them access to everything, while Member allows that person to view everything but not make any changes.


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