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Best Student Survival Meals- Quick and Affordable

The life of a student doesn’t work well with ‘normal eating habits’. With such a fasted-pace and expensive life style, students need food quickly and then need it cheap.  The following are a list of 5 delicious meals that are not only quick, but perfect for the student budget.

Bagel Pizza

If you’re the average 2017 student, then you crave pizza every day. But the ordering process can be complex and not they made not offer items for your dietary or allergy concerns. You don’t have the time or the vehicle to get to the pizza place, but you also don’t have the money for the delivery charge. You like mushrooms on your pizza, but your roommates think mushrooms are the devil’s spawn. What do you do? Bagel Pizza! Small and compact, easy to carry around, and can be made in minutes! The great thing about this homemade recipe is the ability to adapt with dietary concerns and nutrition! Not all pizza places offer gluten free crust, or lactose free cheese. Create your own mini pizzas based on your dietary and nutritional needs. Who needs delivery when you’ve got bagels?

Find some recipes here

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Anything Crock Pot

The crock-pot is like a student’s Witch Cauldron; a little bit of this, a little bit of that and you’ve got yourself some magic! Although purchasing a crock-pot might seem like a small investment for a student, it is truly worth it.  If you have class all day, it’s very hard to feel motivated to make a nice, hot dinner for yourself when you get home. The crockpot allows you to just throw a bunch of ingredients in during morning time, and then come home to a hot, juicy aroma of love and goodness! The perfect ‘lazy student’ meal.

Find some recipes here, here, and here.

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Add it to your yogurt, smoothie bowl, or make some homemade granola bars! Granola is the perfect way to add some crunch and healthy grains to your daily meals. With all the different combinations to make a great granola, you can create all kinds for your mood. If you’re feeling healthy you could add some hemp hearts and almonds, and when you’re feeling sneaky you could add some chocolate or maple syrup!

Find some recipes here, here, and here.

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One pan stir-fry

You can’t go wrong with a stir-fry.  It is the perfect way to take all the leftover produce you have in your fridge, and throw it all into a pan to make something delicious! From Asian, to Mediterranean, even Italian—stir frys make a great, quick meal for any busy student.

Find some recipes here

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One cup brownie

This has to be one of the greatest inventions in the 21st century- ONE CUP BROWNIE? Throw some ingredients in a cup, pop it in the microwave and you’ve got yourself an instant brownie. Perfect as a late night snack, or just whenever you feel like being awesome.

Find some recipes here, here, and here.

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