October 28, 2019 Hangry

Create Rotating Schedules

The element of rotating schedules has now been added to the customizable menu scheduling options. This is a great feature for locations that offer menus that rotate not only by time of day, but also on a weekly basis. In addition, you can use rotating schedules for limited time menu sections or specials. 

We see rotating schedules commonly on school campuses, as well as in corporate offices. One wonderful thing about this feature is the ‘set it and forget it’ factor. After rotating schedules have been created and applied to sections, they will continue to rotate indefinitely. As such, there can be any item changes within the sections, but the schedules will remain unaffected. This means one less thing to worry about, regardless of menu updates.

Secondly, you can use rotating schedules for menu sections that are available for limited times. You can do this by selecting a specific date from the dropdown. Without using the weekly rotation option, sections can thus show in the app for specified a specified timeframe.


  1. Click Menus in the left toolbar, then schedules at the top.
  2. Select your desired restaurant from the dropdown.
  3. Choose the schedule you’ll be working on, or create a new one.
  4. Then, scroll to the bottom where it says rotation, and input the number of weeks.
  5. From the calendar icon, select the week of the rotation.



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