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Get In Control of Fraudulent Behaviour

The more the mobile app market grows, the more opportunity there is for fraudulent behaviour. People are always trying to test the limits of what they can get away with. When it comes to mobile ordering, there are some ways that app users can participate in suspicious and fraudulent behaviour. Some examples include:

  • using a fake credit card
  • trying to use someone else’s credit card
  • using different emails to gain referrals
  • creating multiple different accounts to earn more points

Although Hangry’s dashboard is well-equipped for these kinds of issues, there is always a possibility that someone can slip through the cracks. That is why Hangry has placed multiple different features into the dashboard that keep you in control of fraudulent behaviour, and one step ahead of these kinds of users.

The User Explorer

Hangry’s dashboard is equipped with a User Explorer that acts as a master list or directory for anyone who has ever registered with your app. From this master list, you can search for specific users and view all the account details of that profile. Details include payment and device information, a points history, activity log, and more. Therefore, if you ever detect suspicious behaviour from a specific user you can instantly access their account by using the Explorer’s search bar.

We Give you Time to Figure out the Problem

Sometimes you might suspect fraudulent behaviour, but you haven’t been able to get to the root of the problem. With Hangry’s user explorer, you can search that specific user and disable their account until the issue is resolved. In addition, the Hangry dashboard allows you to set maximum credit card and meal plan spends. Therefore, in the event that you’re worried someone is putting in too many orders a day, or perhaps using a suspicious credit card, then you can cap their limits until you can figure out the problem.

Get Rid Of Them

Once the fraudulent behaviour is detected, Hangry’s dashboard gives you access to delete the user at any given time. Although this is a last resort, sometimes it is best to remove the user completely from your mobile app to avoid further issues. In just a few simple steps, you can access the user’s account and click delete user. As a result, they’re prevented from being able to log back into the app.

Want to see how easy it is to delete / disable a user from the dashboard? Check out our tutorial video:

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