April 23, 2020 Hangry

Kiosks vs Mobile Ordering – COVID 19 Edition

With the current situation, more and more businesses are turning towards technology to implement changes in the way they operate. Food service is no exception. Kiosks and mobile ordering have been around for quite some time. However, we’re seeing a massive increase in inquiries based on the global pandemic.

Whether temporary or more permanent, there is no doubt that certain things will change. One of those considerations is the number of touch points in food service locations. Another is the number of actual humans in a specific space. Stick with us while we go over kiosks vs mobile ordering, and why we think mobile is better.

Germs Galore

Although many businesses are stepping up their sterilization efforts, how much is enough? Will you wipe down kiosks after every customer? Even when there is a line up? This would be a valiant effort, but the reality is that it may not be sustainable.

Along the same lines, kiosks also don’t help with social distancing measures. Sure, you can mark out the appropriate distance and have people standing apart. But what happens once a bunch of people have placed their orders….where do they wait? Will you only let a few people in at a time, even when there’s a lunch or dinner rush? Even if that’s the case, what happens when the weather turns bad? The likelihood of customers wanting to wait in a long line up outdoors during inclement weather seems slim.

Saving Time

Speaking of lines, that means no one is really saving that much time. Ordering from a kiosk is basically the same thing as ordering from a cashier – minus the human interaction. Therefore, if there is a lineup, customers still have to wait the same amount of time in front of the kiosk as they would in front of a cashier. Sometimes longer for a customer that’s never used your kiosk before. Why wait? With a mobile app, users can order in advance or from their car in the parking lot, and just pop in to pick up their order. Mobile ordering is essentially like having a kiosk in their pocket. Rather than having one or two kiosks in your space, you could have thousands at your customers’ fingertips. When it comes to kiosks vs mobile ordering, mobile is naturally our top pick!


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