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Loyalty and Rewards – A List of Capabilities

Having a loyalty and rewards feature on your campus branded app provides you with endless marketing opportunities, and the ability to drive student behaviour. With this point-based system, you can essentially place a point value on any app action to reward the students and give them more incentive to come back to your app.

This multi-faceted system is such a simple way to reward students for their loyalty by getting them to do exactly what you need them to. Today, we are providing just a fraction of the capabilities the Loyalty feature has to offer and how you can use them to your benefit on campus.

Place Points on Any Action

You can place points on any action depending on what your goals are for your Campus Branded App. For example, if you’d like students to eat at a new dining location on campus you can reward them double the points every time they eat at that location. Another example would be push messaging; if you’d like to get a message out to your students (i.e. Subway will be closed tomorrow) you can reward students for opening up your inbox message. This will encourage them to open push notifications in the future, increasing your ability to keep in communication with your students.

Your Ultimate Marketing Tool

Your campus rewards store allows your promote certain events, items, or experiences by placing them up for grabs on the app. For example, if you’d like to promote a sports game you can offer a bunch of tickets in exchange for points in the rewards store. You can also promote new gift or retail items by also making them a prize option on your app. The same can be done with coupons, gift cards, seminars, workshops and so many more.

Work with other Campus apps

Hangry makes it easy to work with other apps using our Application Programming Interface. Through API, we can easily integrate with other apps in order to place loyalty points on actions. For example; if your campus has a parking app, and a student has just paid for their parking, you can use our API on the backend to send us the student ID and transaction amount, we will apply loyalty points to that students account.

Drive Behaviour

This is one of the most important benefits to having a loyalty and rewards program. Through incentivizing, you are able to gear students in the direction you want them to go. Let’s say you want to promote class attendance. Through the app you can ask students to scan a barcode before they enter class. Once they scan the bar code, points will immediately be added to their account.

Encourage Trends

Perhaps you want to encourage healthy eating on campus. Through the loyalty and rewards program you are able to reward students every time they make a healthy meal choice. Similarly, you can reward students points every time they use the nutritional feature on your app. You can even simply reward a student when they choose veggies instead of fries!

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