Loyalty & Rewards

Influence Behavior

Increase Engagement

Punch Cards (Buy X Get 1 Free)

Earn Campus-Wide Points

Redeem for Rewards


Complete challenges to level up and earn bonus points. With each level up, students earn points at a faster rate. Influence specific behavior by creating custom challenges.


Earn points daily for campus card transactions, ordering food, opening messages, attending class, entering the athletic center, and for any other on-campus actions you decide.  


Use points to purchase rewards or enter contests. Campuses are in full control of rewards. App credit, bookstore swag, campus card credit, event tickets, sponsored prizes, and anything else you can source.


Our flexible REST API allows you to assign points for anything on campus.
Dining, Athletics, Class Attendance, Events, etc. A truly unique student experience for your campus.


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Flexible Punch Card Program

Create location specific or campus-wide punch cards to drive purchase behavior. For example: Buy 10 coffees get 1 free at any coffee shop on campus. Control cart requirements to earn and redeem punches. You can even use it as a dollar conversion program. For example, earn 1 punch for every $10 spent, and redeem a reward for up to $10 after collecting 20 punches. Punch cards can be restricted to specific user segments, so you can offer them as a bonus to only the campus card or meal plan users.

Create powerful punch cards programs across multiple locations and target specific user segments.


API Stands for “Application Programming Interface.” An API is a set of commands, functions, protocols, and objects that programmers can use to create software or interact with an external system. It provides developers with standard commands for performing common operations. Thus, they do not have to write the code from scratch.

Hangry’s API- Integrating your Mobile Loyalty with Existing Campus Tech

Hangry has developed the most flexible rewards and loyalty program that is a must have for your campus branded app. Due to a loyalty and rewards program, your campus is able to use points to drive behavior based on your specific needs. Getting a campus branded app is the easy part, the difficult part is keeping students on the app. And that is where a loyalty program comes into play.

Campus Loyalty & Rewards Program: For Dining and Auxiliary Services

One of the great benefits to having a food ordering app is the ability to upsell. It can be done continuously and strategically in order to constantly increase revenue for your campus dining locations. The multi-faceted system of mobile ordering and a loyalty program offers two different vehicles for upselling within the app. Above all, it’s done without ever interrupting the personal usage of each student.

Upselling with Loyalty and Mobile Ordering  


Rewarding students for using your mobile app is a method we discuss quite often. Setting up a loyalty and rewards program is an ideal way to keep students using your app.  As a result, you’re also able to drive behavior. A good mobile app is one that catches a potential user’s attention. But a great mobile app is one that will keep user around and at top of mind through the use of a loyalty and rewards program.

Increase Social Traffic Through a Loyalty and Rewards Program 

Because of Hangry’s loyalty and rewards feature, dining services is able to rewards students every time they make healthier meal choices. And the options are endless. Every time a student makes a healthy meal choice, they are rewarded points which can then be redeemed in your mobile app rewards store. Here is a list we have compiled of ways to drive healthier eating habits on campus:

Encourage Healthy Eating on Campus with Mobile Loyalty Program

The Hangry Loyalty and Rewards feature allows you to place points on virtually any item, action, or feedback that the students can access on the app. Hence by having the power to place points where ever you want, you can ultimately drive student behavior –creating a secret marketing weapon.

Campus Marketing with a Loyalty and Rewards Program


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