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Management of Your Mobile Ordering Team with Hangry

On this blog, we frequently discuss the features and control Hangry’s dashboard provides for your mobile app users. Today, we’re giving you a first hand look at the control and management the Hangry dashboard offers for your internal mobile ordering team. Meaning, all the mobile ordering team members that work together to create a seamless mobile ordering experience.

Add a New Team Member

The ability to add a new team member allows you grant access to any new individual you would like using the dashboard. We’ve made this process simple and quick so you can add new mobile ordering team members at any time. 

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Assign Roles to Team Members

If you are an Administrator on the Hangry Dashboard, then you have the ability to assign roles to the rest of your mobile ordering team members. This means that you are able to set unique permissions for different members of your team. For example: let’s say you have a team member who handles all the marketing. You’d want them to have access to Loyalty & Messages, but you probably wouldn’t need them to have access to Operations or Accounting. In the same way, you could have a Restaurant Manager that you’d like to have access to Operations. That way they can update hours of operation, turn off menu items etc. However, the Restaurant Manager wouldn’t need access to any other pages. It’s important to note that you cannot assign roles unless you are an Administrator.

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View Dashboard Events

The ability to view dashboard events allows you to view all the activity your staff members participate in when they log into the dashboard. This covers everything from simply logging in, to adding menu items, uploading images, etc. It’s great for keeping tabs on an employee once you’ve assigned them a task, or simply tracking dashboard behaviour in general. This feature will break down each event, the time of the event, and the duration they spent on each action.

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Enable Test Access to Your Users

When launching mobile ordering on campus, Hangry encourages both an alpha and beta testing round to ensure a successful launch. You must be assigned as a test/beta user on the dashboard in order to participate in testing. We encourage you to grant test access to your mobile ordering team first, so your staff can get an in-depth look on how the process works and become experts quickly.

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Limit a Member to Specific Restaurants/Cafeterias

As an administrator on the Hangry Dashboard, you have the ability to assign permissions to the rest of your team. For example: if you have a mobile ordering team member who manages your Pita Pit dining location, they likely don’t need access to any other restaurant. With Hangry’s Cafeteria Access tab, you are able to limit a member to specific access of restaurants and cafeterias to ensure proper security. It’s important to note that you cannot assign roles unless you are an Administrator.

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Hangry provides campuses with a cross-functional, branded mobile app that includes modules for: food ordering, dietary filtering, nutrition tracking, campus-wide loyalty & rewards, rich-push marketing, announcements, surveys, and feedback. Built by us, driven by you, trusted by your users.

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