August 16, 2018 Hangry

How To: Manually Put a Restaurant into ‘Busy Mode’ [Merchant Tablet]

Hangry’s ‘busy mode’ feature is essential to the mobile ordering process, because it allows the kitchen to add an extra few minutes to their ‘prep time’ during peak dining hours. For example: if the kitchen is experiencing an abnormally large amount of orders right after a football game and needs more time to make meals, they can switch to ‘busy mode’ which will add an extra, pre-determined amount of minutes to the original pick-up time.


  1. From the Merchant Tablet home screen, click your desired restaurant location.
  2. Go to the Manual Override Box and switch the Additional Prep Time toggle from OFF to ON.

Once this is completed, refresh the home screen on your mobile device and proceed with a mobile order. From here, you will see the pick up time has increased to convenience the kitchen.


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