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Bridging the Marketing Gap Between GEN Z and X

When it comes to marketing to students, the generation gap has never been more prominent or obvious. With the majority of faculty and staff on campus coming from GEN X (birth date ranging from 1960 to about the 1980s), the topic of how to ‘market to millennials’ (birth date from late 1980’s to 90s) has become a very popular one. However, we are now entering a time on campus where a new generation has been introduced—GEN Z.

What is GEN Z?

Anyone born after 1995 is classified as GEN Z. The generation that Forbes has coined, ‘the younger sibling at the dinner table’. The ‘just sit and learn from afar’ type that by 2020 is going to take up 40% of all consumers. This is the generation, which has spent the majority of their existence learning from millennials mistakes and has virtually zero understanding of GEN X, will take up the majority of university and college campuses in just a few short years.

How can Millennials help?

Now that the generation gap is bigger than ever especially on campus, the decisions are being made by one generation that really doesn’t understand the other. Millennial companies act as the perfect middle man for understanding both the school and the consumer (your students). Us millennials didn’t grow up with cell phones or the internet, but we did get introduced to it at a young age. Therefore, we understand the GEN X resistance, but we also understand the driving behavior behind GEN Z. This driving behavior includes the use of technology, the importance of convenience, the increase in self-indulgence and more. Working with a millennial company will help you bridge the gap and really understand your consumer.

How does Hangry bridge the gap?

The Hangry platform is ideal for any GEN Z student. Our driving force is convenience, and ultimately the needs of your students. With Hangry, we cater to the ‘we want it now’ mentality of GEN Z by offering seamless mobile ordering, in addition to all dining, auxiliary and nutritional information readily available on the student’s mobile device at all times. GEN Z is also a very self-indulged, tech savvy generation that is less interested in the product, and more interested in how it can benefit them.

With Hangry’s Loyalty and Rewards feature, we can offer your service to students and award them for their loyalty at the same time. This feature allows you to place points on various actions within the app. Then, users can redeem them for prizes in your app reward store. The best part about Hangry’s platform is that although the front-end is dedicated to the needs of GEN Z, the back-end is developed perfectly for the needs of GEN X. With Hangry’s simple onboarding process, dedicated success coaches, and seamless integration, we made our back-end app operations extremely simple and straight forward.

Hangry is the most flexible campus mobile platform for auxiliary and dining services. We provide university and colleges with their own campus branded app to enrich the student experience across all of their auxiliary services.

Your App. Your Brand.

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