October 20, 2017 Hangry

Mobile App for Corporate Wellness Programs

Hangry’s corporate office mobile ordering allows you to order food from your phone and have it delivered directly to your desk. In addition, if you feel like going for a walk Hangry also provides you the option to go down to your office café and pick up your food while completely avoiding the line.

The best part? Hangry notifies you every step of the way; when your order is received, when it’s being prepared, and when it’s ready for pick up. This allows you to order food from your desk, during a meeting, in the bathroom, or even on your way to work. However, today we want to shed a light on another feature of Hangry’s corporate office branded app. That is our loyalty and rewards feature.

Incorporate Rewards

With Hangry’s loyalty and rewards feature, you can house all your employee wellness initiatives and reward employees for participation and loyalty. What do we mean by this? Well, Hangry’s point-based loyalty program allows you to place point values on anything within the app. This can include ordering food, rating/reviewing, and eating at certain office locations. But that is just the beginning, this point-based system works for any wellness initiative. Some examples include, earning points for carpooling (you could create a program where employees track pollution avoided), earning points for participating in workshops or company events, or even bringing a water bottle into work and participating in sustainability.

The beauty of this program is that the options are endless. Once the points are earned, employees are able to redeem them for prizes in your company app rewards store. This rewards store is just another way to promote wellness initiatives and company-driven experiences or retail. Some examples could include; winning a prime parking spot for a month, free coffee for week, company products and so much more.

With Hangry’s company branded app; all your company wellness offerings and initiatives are housed in one place, and can be accessed by all employees at all times.  With our points-based system, you are able to provide incentive to your employees to participate in company wellness. Our multi-faceted software enterprise has one goal, to provide the ultimate employee experience.

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