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Snapchat Teams up with Campuses for Stories on Discover

The Discover section of Snapchat is like the Millennial and Gen Z version of a Magazine. If you’re looking for trending topics, breaking news, or gossip on your favourite celebs– then Discover is where you go. As of last week, Snapchat announced that they will be working with US colleges and universities to create campus ‘stories’ for its Discover section. Campus newspapers will begin producing local stories to their snap chat story on a weekly basis. In previous testing of ‘Campus Publisher Stories’ Snapchat used newspapers from Stanford, UCLA, the University of Washington and Dartmouth to gage popularity and usability. This opportunity is huge for small campus newspapers that will now find their stories beside news and gossip moguls such us The New York Times, and Buzzfeed. In addition, these stories will feature ‘Snap Ads’ which will allow each school to monetize their content! This venture will act as a part of the Snapchat’s goal to become a stronger news platform.

Although typically the stories would only be visible to people physically near each school, Snapchat will be offering each student publication a QR code to view the publications from elsewhere. The Business Insider outlined just some of the benefits Snapchat will see from this new idea:


  • Partnering with campus papers can help Snapchat become more of a go-to news platform for college students. Forty-seven percent of college students indicated their campus newspaper is their primary source of news for on-campus events, according to a 2017 Snap-commissioned ORC International study.
  • And news consumption is already increasing on Snapchat. Twenty-nine percent of those surveyed by Pew Research Center indicated they read news on Snap, which is up from 17% a year prior. The increase is partly attributable to the amount of news content Snap has pushed out, and to the caliber of news partners — such as releasing daily news shows CNN’s The Update and NBC’s Stay Tuned.
  • Campus Publisher Stories can help Snapchat onboard local small and mid-size advertisers. Ads running next to Campus Publisher Stories can help local college businesses drive foot traffic. Users under 25 years old spend 40 minutes per day in-app, on average, providing a relatively big window of opportunity for ads to be seen by users, which can further entice SMBs to advertise on the platform.

Snapchat has started partnerships with UC Berkeley, Texas A&M, Syracuse University, and the University of Wisconsin, and plans on adding over 24 new campuses in three months time.

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